Sonomono POP-UP store at Isetan Scotts Singapore, November 15th to 27th.

2019.10.25 Update

Somonono comes to Singapore!

From November 15th to 27th, Sonomono will open a pop-up store at Isetan Scotts as part of the Kyushu Fair Event.
We will have food sampling, product demonstration, and expert consultation.

If you were interested in natto health benefits but felt discouraged because of its pungent smell and stickiness, we challenge to try our natto powder and change your mind!

Our natto powder is DELICIOUS! Our customers are posting on Instagram how good it tastes with baby food, porridge, steamed rice, soup, noodles, yogurt, smoothies, salad, spaghetti, and the list goes on!

For those people who are always on the run, our natto powder capsules are the best option, ZERO smell, no taste, light, and portable.

Also, use this UNIQUE chance to buy the natto snack! A product just available in Japan in 3 addictive flavors: plain, sea salt, and brown sugar cane, don't miss it!

Finally, for a limited time, visit us and take advantage of AMAZING promotions like FREE products when you buy 2 or more!
Share this news with your family and friends! Singapore, HERE WE GO!

Isetan Scotts business time:

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