【Natto nuggets & natto grilled egg 】Prepare a traditional Japanese lunch, obento!

[Happy gut with natto powder] A traditional Japanese lunch box or obento often includes, steamed rice, vegetables, and fried eggs. Check this easy-to-understand recipe video to learn how to prepare natto nuggets and natto fried eggs for a real Japanese lunch box. If you are cooking for kids, we recommend natto powder mild to enhance the ingredients’ natural flavors and support intestinal activity.

[Natto powder recipe] Cooked for my 18-year-old daughter. She even didn’t notice it has natto!

Products used in this recipe

Boost food nutrition with natto powder! The fluffy natto nugget made with minced chicken and tofu is healthy and protein-rich. You can freeze the nuggets and use them on other dishes. The fried egg “tamagoyaki” is seasoned with natto powder and noodle soup, a delicacy that also makes your gut microbiota happy!

Cooking time:20 minutes
Product used:natto powder mild

Natto nugget


Natto powder3~4 teaspoons
Minced chicken [A]200g
Medium-firm tofu [A]200g
Kayanoya Dashi1 bag
Cooking oil2~3 spoons


  1. [A]Use the tofu as it is, do not squeeze it.
  2. Mix all the content of the dashi bag with the ingredients and mix thoughtfully.
  3.  Heat a frying pan with the oil.
  4. To prepare the nuggets, take bite-sized portions with a spoon and place them on the frying pan.
  5. Fry the nuggets at medium heat for 3-4 minutes, turn over and cover with a lid. Let them cook for 3-4 minutes with the steam and remove.


These nuggets’ flavor is soft. Add salt when mixing the ingredients if you want to make it stronger. The hardness also can be adjusted by changing the meat/tofu ratio. The cooking time depends on the size of the nugget. Check for doneness with a toothpick before removing from heat.

Natto grilled egg “tamago yaki”


Natto powder [A]1 teaspoon
Egg [A]2 pcs.
Soup base for noodles (tsuyu) [A]1 teaspoon
Sugar(at taste)[A]1 teaspoon
Garlic chives (nira)1 bundle
Cooking oil1 tablespoon


  1. [A]Mix the natto powder, eggs, soup base, and sugar in a bowl and mix thoughtfully.
  2. Cut the garlic achieves into 5 cm long pieces.
  3. Add oil to a heated frying pan, pour the bowl content, and mix gently with chopsticks.
  4. Add the garlic chives, cover, and steam it over low heat for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Turn the mixture over, cover it again, and cook for about 1 minute.
  6. Cut into bite-sized pieces and serve.


This is an excellent way to eat natto even for people who have tried natto before and disliked it. Use the nuggets and fried egg as side dishes to prepare an original Japanese lunch box! Add your favorite vegetables, meat, etc to a bed of steamed rice and it’s done.

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