【Natto snack, bread cubes】You won’t stop eating!

[Support intestinal activity with natto powder snacks] There are two types of natto powder, “regular” and “mild”, both are excellent for supporting intestinal activity. If you are looking for a healthy snack for your children we recommend natto powder mild. It goes great with bread due to its reduced smell and viscosity, children will love it!

【こな納豆レシピ】赤ちゃんのパクパクが止まらない!便秘の子供に納豆フリフリパン♪手抜きなのに健康にいいおやつ |sonomono

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Bread cubes with sprinkled natto powder. Try this easy snack recipe, recommended for children with constipation. The flavorsome cubes are just the right size for biting, perfect for bringing in the can when going out.

Preparation time:1 minute
Products used: natto powder mild

Bread cubes with natto powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

Natto powderTo taste
Table bread1枚
*A container1枚

How to prepare

  1. Cut the bread into pieces into an easy-to-eat size for children. We recommend dice shape because it is easy to hold.
  2. Put the bread pieces in a tightly closed container, such as a zip-lock bag, add natto powder to taste, shake vigorously until it sticks to the bread, and eat.

Recipe notes

This is an easy, healthy, delicious snack to improve the intestinal environment of your child.

It is fun if you prepare it together with your child ♪