【Serving suggestion】Miso soup x natto powder

【Eat healthy with natto powder】Miso soup is a breakfast staple in thousands of Japanese homes. Miso is a healthy fermented food of savory and mellow flavor. Commonly served with tofu and vegetables, you can make it even better by adding natto powder.

Products used

Try our version of miso soup. By adding natto powder, not only does the flavor improve, but the consistency is slightly thicker, improving the palate experience.

Preparation time:1 minute
Products used:natto powder regular

Miso soup x natto powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

1 Natto powderTo taste
Miso soup1 serving


Pour miso soup into a bowl.

Sprinkle natto powder and mix.


Natto and miso are fermented food made from soybeans, so they complement each other perfectly! Many people complain that it is difficult to achieve savory food by using only vegetable ingredients. However, the combination of vegetables, miso, and natto in this soup is unmatched.

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