Natto snack

Natto snack. The healthy snack!
Natto snack. The healthy snack!

The healthy snack!

Natto is famous for its slimy texture and pungent smell. Try natto snacks, the only natto that you can pick up and eat by hand! By applying freeze-drying technology, we remove natto’s aroma and stickiness but retain all nutrients.Eat it with your favorite drink or as a topping for salads, yogurt, cereal, ice cream, etc. A new type of snack for taking care of the health and nutritional balance of your family. This premium snack uses domestic soybeans free of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, colorants, and preservatives. Enjoy natural natto at its best!

Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack
Natto snack

What’s otsumami natto?





Try and love it!



こな納豆 主要栄養成分


Natto snack plain is simple yet delicious. Natto lovers can’t ask anything else from a snack. The crunchy texture and full natto flavor make it easy to enjoy by itself or mixed with other food.

Natto snack sea salt is good for accompanying your favorite drink. The delicate salt and sunflower balance will transport you to the sea. Feel the breeze and taste Japanese nature on each natto grain.

Natto snack brown sugar is an unexpected encounter of earthy sweetness and natto savory. The rich combination of brown sugar and natto will satisfy your sweet cravings. Try on yogurt, ice cream, or cheesecake!

Selected ingredients and production method

Made from high-quality soy variety Fukuyutaka.

At sonomono, we are quality-obsessive about the soy we use in our products. For the natto snacks, we use a domestic soybeans variety called Fukuyutaka. We choose medium-size grains of crispy-chewy texture for creating a delectable snack.



Not just the soy, all other ingredients are carefully selected from local producers.


Takarajima, Kagoshima Prefecture

Handmade using the traditional method of boiling seawater in a kettle over low heat for seven days. The slow boiling process produces a salt rich in minerals of refined taste.

Sunflower oil
Manno, Kagawa Prefecture

In 2019, Manno sunflower oil won a national award from The Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries due to its outstanding qualities. This cold-pressed oil is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E.

Brown sugar “kokuto”
Okinawa prefecture

Kokuto is an Okinawa specialty. The manufacturing process requires boiling sugarcane for hours, let it harden, and grinding. Due to its natural origin and not go through a refining process, Okinawa brown sugar is rich in nutritive minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, and vitamins.

FAQ about Natto snack

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Natto snack
(plain/sea salt/brown sugar)

Product nameSoybeans processed food
黒  糖:納豆(国内製造)(大豆(遺伝子組換えでない)、納豆菌)、黒糖、食塩
Nutritional information1袋(50g)あたり
プレーン:エネルギー242kcal /たんぱく質20.4g /脂質11.4g /炭水化物14.5g /食塩相当量0.01g
うすしお:エネルギー257kcal /たんぱく質18.3g /脂質14.5g /炭水化物13.3g /食塩相当量0.32g
黒  糖:エネルギー226kcal /たんぱく質16.8g /脂質9.0g /炭水化物19.3g /食塩相当量0.17g
Best-by date製造から未開封で1年


  • Please check the ingredients list carefully before consumption. If you are allergic to some of the ingredients, please refrain from use. In rare cases, due to individual features such as constitution, physical condition, etc., the product may not fit the customer. In that case, discontinue the use of this product.
  • If you are taking the anticoagulant warfarin, please consult with your family physician before using this product.
  • Consume as soon as possible after opening. Keep the bag tightly sealed.