Natto capsules

natto capsules
natto capsules

Firmly support intestinal activity with natto bacteria that reach the intestines alive!

Sonomono natto capsules are a natural and additive-free supplement. They contain 100% pure natto, made with non-GMOs Japanese soybeans cultivated without chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Compared to raw natto, freeze-dried natto powder allows an efficient intake of nutrients and supports the intestinal activity. With 3 small capsules, you can take the same amount of natto bacteria as in 10 packs of raw natto!

Use natto capsules to regularize intestinal activity if you have an irregular diet and require an effective method to support your health.

natto capsules
natto capsules
natto capsules
natto capsules

We recommend natto capsules
if you have these thoughts frequently.

  • I’m not confident in my eating habits
  •  I am not satisfied with the results of taking lactic acid bacteria and oligosaccharides
  •  I quickly get sick with the change of seasons
  •  I’m worried about the results of my medical examination
  •  I want to stay young and healthy
  •  I like natto, but the stickiness and smell are hard to bear

What is an effective way to increase the barrier power?

Let’s increase intestinal bacteria using “natto bacteria.”
This will also support the barrier power!


The key to increasing the barrier power is improving intestinal activity. The increase of good bacteria improves the intestinal environment. A recent discovery points that more than 60% of the immune cells reside in the intestine. Those cells’ function is to protect us from viruses and other nocive organisms. Maintaining a healthy intestinal environment leads to an increase in barrier power.Natto is an optimal food for intestinal health; it contains billions of Bacillus subtilis or “natto bacteria” that help to normalize the intestinal environment. Other foods also contain probiotics, but natto powder contains Bacillus subtilis in spore form. A spore is a natural cell structure that confers resistance to heat and dryness. Thanks to its spore, B. subtilis can pass through the gastric acid and reach the intestines alive.

Once in the intestines, the natto bacteria assist digestion, nutrients absorption and stimulate the immune system.  It also helps other beneficial bacteria in the intestines to proliferate and improve the intestinal environment. When the amount of good bacteria exceeds the harmful bacteria, the microbiota enters into balance. The digestive and immune systems can perform their functions properly.


Make “opportunistic bacteria” your ally to create an ideal intestinal environment.

According to several estimations,  more than 1000 types of intestinal bacteria coexist in our intestines, ranging from 600 to 1000 trillion. The ideal balance between good and harmful bacteria is a 2:1 proportion. Opportunistic bacteria can support either good or harmful bacteria and occupy the remaining 70% of the intestinal space. To make the opportunistic bacteria help the good bacteria, the population of this must be more extensive than that of the harmful bacteria. Hence, it is essential to maintain the  2:1 proportion.

What’s sonomono natto?

sonomono® natto capsules features

  • Made of soybeans cultivated without chemical pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Freeze-dried powder, made of 100% natto, additive-free.
  • All the high nutritional value of natto in a tiny capsule.
  • The easiest way to support your health every day with natto bacteria that reach the intestines alive.
  • For people willing to use health supplements made with natural ingredients.

3 capsules contain the same amount of natto bacteria as 10 packs of raw natto.

Bacillus subtilis grow naturally on rice straws. One of its survival mechanisms in hostile environments is forming spores. A spore is a resistant shell able to stand hot water at 100 degrees for more than 10 minutes, survive in vacuum and acid environments. This natural shield allows B. subtilis to pass through the gastric acid and reach the intestines alive. Natto powder contains B. subtilis in spore form compared to raw natto packed in styrofoam containers. An additional advantage is the high bacteria concentration; three capsules contain the same amount as ten standard natto packages.  Once in the intestine, the natto bacteria produce nattokinase (a blood clogs dissolving enzyme) and vitamins that increase the populations of other good bacteria.

Well balanced nutrients
necessary for the body.

Soy is an excellent protein source. It has an outstanding amino acid score of 100 points, placing it on the same level as pork meat and tuna. Soy contains all nine essential amino acids that our body needs to make proteins. Natto is made by fermenting soybeans. Therefore it includes all soy’s high-quality proteins and unique ingredients such as nattokinase, polyglutamic acid, and vitamin K2. Another beneficial effect of fermentation is that the nutrients’ absorption rate also increases

The freeze-drying process preserves all natto nutrients, allowing their efficient intake. Use sonomono natto powder for enjoying natto’s exceptional nutrition and support health and beauty in a well-balanced manner.

こな納豆 主要栄養成分

Easy to take any time, anywhere!
“Support your gut daily”

Sonomono® natto powder capsules are suitable for people who dislike natto smell and stickiness, have an irregular diet, or want a natural supplement to support their health. Take them daily as a healthy habit for supplying your body with natto bacteria that reach the intestines alive.

Selected ingredients and production method

100% Japanese soybeans

The safety of our clients is our top priority. We exclusively use soybeans from the Organic Research Group in Kohoku Town, Saga Prefecture. This farmers association cultivates a native variety know as Fukuyutaka, famous for its fluffy grains and high nutrients content.

* The soybean production area may change due to natural disasters.

A method that releases the umami of the ingredients

Making natto is an art and science. The ingredients are simple: soy, water, and bacteria. However, it requires time-tested techniques and experienced hands for achieving the great flavor that makes our natto powder famous all over Japan.

Fillers-free, wholesome natto.
Reliable process that preserves natto probiotics and nutrients.


1. Soy

We use selected soybeans, rich in high-quality proteins and fatty acids that provide comprehensive nutrition for your body.


2. Soybean fermentation (natto)

The fermentation produces enzymes and other substances unique to natto. It also increments soy nutrients and their absorption rate.


3. Freeze dry

Freeze-drying is a process that removes natto’s moisture by applying ultra-low temperatures.  At the same time, it preserves the soy nutrients and increases the probiotics amount.


4.Grinding and encapsulation

After grinding the freeze-dried natto, the last step is encapsulating the powder. The vegetable capsules preserve the contents intact without relying on preservatives.

Customers’ voice

 I want to continue using it.

This is the first time I take a supplement and can feel a change. I will continue using this product! (59 years old, male)

 This product surprised me!

After I finished the 30 trial tablets, I felt a refreshing sensation that I hadn’t felt for six years, and my body felt undull. I was surprised! I talked about sonomono natto capsules with my physician. He asked me to show them because he wanted to recommend them to other patients. I am planning to order it regularly and continue. (51 years old, male)

 Finally, I found it!

I’ve tried supplements for everything, but this is the first time I feel satisfied with one.
(70 years old, female)

 Try it for a week …

It’s been about a week since I started taking it. Even the smell of my flatulence is different. I heard that stinky stomach gas results from too much harmful bacteria in the intestines, so if mine is changed, it means something good is happening inside. I haven’t found a supplement that I would like to continue using, but maybe I will stick to this one.

* These testimonials express individual opinions and may vary according to the experience of each user.

FAQ about natto capsules

Product FAQs, click here

Natto powder capsules

Product nameSoybeans processed food
IngredientsNatto ( no-GMO Japanese soybeans, and Bacillus subtilis). Vegetable capsules (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).
Contents30 caps, 60 caps (30 caps×2 bags), 90 caps
Nutritional informationper capsule (0.42g)
Energy 1.91 kcal / Protein 0.16 g / Fat 0.08 g / Carbohydrate 0.15 g / Salt equivalent 0.0003 g
Best-by dateTwo years from manufacture (unopened pouch)
Directions of useTake 2 to 3 tablets daily with cold or lukewarm water.
※Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is the raw material of the vegetable capsules.


  • Check the ingredients before consumption. If you are allergic to any of them, please refrain from use.
  • In rare cases, due to individual features or physical conditions, the product may not fit your body. In that case, please discontinue the use of this product.
  • If you are under medication or present health-related problems, please consult with your family physician before using this product.
  • Consume as soon as possible after opening.