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【Serving suggestion】Yogurt x Natto Powder. A super healthy combination of lactic acid bacteria and natto bacteria

【Gut wise recipe】

Easy, super healthy, and fulfilling. Just sprinkle natto powder on your favorite yogurt and top with granola, fruits, cereal, etc.! Not all probiotics are the same, sonomono natto powder contains Bacillus subtilis, a potent probiotic extremely compatible with the yogurt’s lactic acid bacteria are excellently compatible. Several studies demonstrate that Bacillus natto produces diverse substances that steadily increase intestinal lactic acid bacteria.

Products used

Try this serving suggestion for breakfast or as a healthy snack. Lactic acid bacteria and natto bacteria are a perfect match!

Preparation time:1 minute
使用商品:natto powder regular or mild

Yogurt x Natto Powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

Natto powderTo taste
Yogurt1 portion


  1. Serve your favorite yogurt.
  2. Sprinkle natto powder and mix. Add your favorite topping.


Use natto powder regular if you want to thicken the yogurt, and natto powder mild if you want to keep its consistency. If you add fruits and cereal the combination of oligosaccharides and probiotics will fuel your day! Try in the morning to support digestion and GI health.

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