sonomono納豆菌シリーズが特別価格に! 【期間限定】納豆の日キャンペーンやってます!

【Serving suggestion】Steamed pork buns (nikuman) x natto powder

【Easy to eat/snack】

Fluffy and steamed pork buns are delicious but maybe you want to boost their nutrition. As you know, in sonomono we love easy-tasty-healthy food, so use this serving idea!

Open a freshly steamed pork bun and sprinkle natto powder inside. If you like eating your bun with vinegar or sauce you can mix the natto powder with the sauce too.

Products used

If you like steamed pork buns try this serving suggestion. The combination of pork and umami will delight you.

Preparation time:1 minute
Product used:natto powder regular

Steamed pork buns (nikuman) x natto powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

Natto powderto taste
Steamed pork bun1 bun


  1. Open a warm bun and sprinkle natto powder on the inside.
  2. You can also mix the natto powder with the bun’s sauce.


Did you know that the flavor of meat can improve thanks to the umami of natto powder? Food companies commonly use glutamate or other chemicals to make food taste good. This is not necessary with sonomono natto powder, just mix it with the food and it will bring out the flavor naturally!

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1袋 2,430円(税込)〜

プラスひとさじで、 食事の質を上げよう

1袋 1,080円(税込)〜


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