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[Healthy snack] Sweet potato “yaki imo” x Natto powder | Plenty of dietary fiber!

[Healthy snack for a happy gut] Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber that supports good intestinal bacteria growth. Baked sweet potatoes are delicious but sprinkling natto powder on a freshly baked one brings the flavor to a whole new level!

Products used

Try this healthy snack! Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber and natto powder nutrition is unmatched♪

Preparation time:50~90 minutes
Product used:natto powder regular

Sweet potato x Natto powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

Natto powderTo taste
Sweet potatoPersonal serving


  1. There are several ways to bake sweet potatoes, they could be wrapped in aluminum foil or as they are. The result can be from creamy and super soft texture to cheesecake-like. Please, use your favorite.
  2. Once baked, there are two ways to enjoy with natto powder. 1. Open, sprinkle natto powder and eat. 2. Open, sprinkle natto powder, mix with the potato flesh and eat.


If you don’t like natto aroma, mix it with the sweet potato flesh. If you want to feel the natto flavor, sprinkle and eat. Japanese sweet potatoes are best when they are hot. Commonly, heat kills bacteria, but sonomono natto powder’s good bacteria is protected by a spore, even if the potato is hot, the bacteria will survive and reach the intestines alive.

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