sonomono納豆菌シリーズが特別価格に! 【期間限定】納豆の日キャンペーンやってます!

Natto Day & Fermentation Day Double Campaign 2022

納豆の日&発酵の日 スペシャルキャンペーン2022

Thank you for your continued patronage of sonomono®
Every July 10th Japan celebrates “Natto Day”
This year, we will carry out a special campaign in conjunction with “Fermentation Day” on August 5th!
In order to maintain daily health, it is important to have a healthy intestinal environment.
It has been scientifically proven that sonomono natto bacteria increase the number of other good intestinal bacteria.
We are offering a selection of products containing “sonomono natto bacteria” to help you to support a healthy gut!
Take this opportunity and create a healthy intestinal environment.

  • Purchased limited to once per person during the campaign period.
  • Repetitive purchases are allowed.
  • Up to 3 bags of each type per time.

Natto powder regular 50g, 3 bags

Natto powder regular 50g, 2 bags
+ Natto powder mild 50g, 1 bag

Natto powder mild 50g, 3 bags

Natto powder mild 50g, 2 bags
+ Natto powder regular 50g, 1 bag

Bifidobacterium populates the large intestine and can not grow in the presence of oxygen, so it is difficult to replenish it from food. Sonomono natto bacteria help you to grow and increase bifidobacterium in your intestines.

Good bacteria such as bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and propionic acid bacteria acidify the pH of the intestine, making it difficult for bad bacteria to grow.

Short-chain fatty acids (acetic acid, propionic acid, fatty acid) protect the body from the risk of inflammation and infection by viruses and pathogens by energizing the intestinal mucosa and enhancing the intestinal barrier function. In order to increase short-chain fatty acids in the intestine, it is important to ingest dietary fiber, oligosaccharides, bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and propionic acid bacteria that have the ability to ferment.

Bacillus natto is a microorganism that protects itself from the harsh environment by forming spores, a kind of natural shield. When the conditions are favorable for life, B. subtilis breaks the spore and form a new body. All sonomono products contain B. subtilis in spore form, it allows B. subtilis to pass through the stomach acid unharmed, reach the intestines, multiply and increase the number of other good bacteria.

Bacillus natto is compatible with lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria because all of them live in different parts of the intestine. The results of this the Kohoku town study show that daily consumption of natto powder increases intestinal lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

Bacillus natto is a temporary resident in your intestine, after working to decrease bad bacteria and support the growth of other good bacteria, it completes a life cycle and leaves the intestines. For this reason it is very important to provide your body a daily dose of Bacillus natto.

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