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Report of The Kohoku Town Health Project Results, vol.2 → As a result of drinking “sonomono natto” for two months, multiple functional bacteria increased in men and women!

Research results of sonomono natto powder consumption. Kohoku town soybeans X sonomono natto bacteria.

As we commented in the previous article, a multidisciplinary research group scientifically demonstrated the effects of natto powder ingestion on November 30, 2021. We will cover subsequent discoveries in the present report.

Scientific evidence proved that the intake of sonomono natto powder capsules increases intestinal bifidobacteria in men and women. A novel discovery is the increase of other functional bacteria (good bacteria).

Remarkable discovery: Lactic acid bacteria also increased significantly!

The analysis of genetic data of intestinal bacteria extracted from the participants’ stool showed that the intake of sonomono natto powder significantly increased lactic acid bacteria in women. It is well-documented that natto bacteria and lactic acid bacteria are compatible. The results of the Kohoku town study add more evidence and prove that it is possible to use sonomono natto powder for increasing intestinal lactic acid bacteria.

Why is lactic acid bacteria considered good bacteria?

Maintaining a healthy intestinal environment.

Lactic acid bacteria are “good” bacteria that produce “lactic acid” from the oligosaccharides and dietary fiber contained in food. Lactic acid plays an essential role in acidifying the intestines and keeping the intestinal environment in good condition. In contrast, meat-based diets alkalinize the intestines and support the proliferation of harmful intestinal bacteria.
Therefore, an adequate balance of lactic acid bacteria maintains the acidity of the intestines, reduces the action of harmful bacteria, promotes the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron, and vitamins, and ultimately supports overall health.

Outstanding result: “Propionic acid bacteria” increased significantly in the intestine!

The genetic analysis of intestinal bacteria shows that the intake of “sonomono natto powder” significantly increased the number of propionic acid bacteria in men.
Propionic acid bacteria are not well known, but they are good intestinal bacteria that produce propionic acid, a short-chain fatty acid present in the intestinal tract and skin. One of propionic acid bacteria activities is a growth effect of bifidobacteria that plays an essential role in intestinal regulation.

What are short-chain fatty acids?

Short-chain fatty acids are organic acids produced in the intestine by functional bacteria such as bifidobacteria during oligosaccharides and dietary fiber fermentation. Specific examples include acetic acid, propionic acid, and butyric acid. Short-chain fatty acids are drawing attention due to their “intestinal rejuvenation” function.

Health Benefits of Short Chain Fatty Acids

Short-chain fatty acids have the effect of keeping the intestines moderately acidic, killing harmful bacteria, and suppressing their growth. The intestine is responsible for about 70% of the immune function, and its surface area is said to be equivalent to one tennis court. Short-chain fatty acids have the effect of energizing the wide intestinal mucosa and enhancing the intestinal barrier function, protecting our body from the risk of inflammation and infection by viruses and pathogens.

How to increase short-chain fatty acids?

An essential step to increase short-chain fatty acids in the intestine is providing plenty of oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and propionic acid bacteria. The results of Kohoku town research demonstrate that sonomono natto powder increases all the previously mentioned bacteria. Furthermore, it contains oligosaccharides and dietary fiber that feed that bacteria, making it a wholesome product.

Sonomono natto powder firmly supports intestinal activity.

In summary of the previous and current articles, sonomono natto powder ingestion increases intestinal bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and propionic acid bacteria. Since the launch of our product, we have received numerous opinions about its efficacy. The results of the Kohoku town study add scientific support to explain the action of “sonomono natto bacteria” in the body.
I will continue publishing the discoveries of this research. Tanaka.

Natto powder capsules made with proprietary “sonomono natto bacteria strain”
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