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[Cheese Toast x Natto Powder] Flavorsome and comforting for those busy days!

[Bones strength x intestinal activity rice using natto] It’s morning, you are getting late with no time for cooking, don’t worry, we got you covered. Grab a bread slice, put on your favorite cheese, veggies, meat, etc. toast it until crunchy, and sprinkle natto powder. Voila! Your gut and bones will thank you for the morning feast.

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Outstanding nutrition even on a busy morning. The natto powder on melted cheese is not only savory but nutritive. The combination of vitamin D from cheese and vitamin K2 from natto works for strengthening your bones and teeth. Try it for breakfast or snacks.

Preparation time:1minute
Product used:natto powder regular

Cheese Toast x Natto Powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

Natto powderTo taste
Bread1 slice


  1. Put a slice of cheese on the bread. You can also add vegetables, meat, etc.
  2. Toast to the desired consistency. Remove and sprinkle natto powder.


Kids love this recipe. It’s also a lifesaver on those busy mornings when there’s no time to cook. The combination of vitamins D and K is excellent for strengthening teeth and bones. If you choose a cheese without cholesterol and use high-fiber bread, this dish is also good for cardiovascular health.

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