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【Soba noodles x natto powder】For minerals, nutrients, and great flavor!

[Support intestinal activity with natto powder] Among noodles, soba is very a healthy ingredient. It is rich in protein, vitamin B, dietary fiber, and rutin, a type of polyphenol. By adding natto powder, soba’s outstanding nutrition is improved! The combination of soup stock and natto powder is addictive.

Products used in this recipe

Soba and natto are traditional Japanese food staples not often found together on the same plate, but now it is possible thanks to natto powder.

Preparation time:5 minutes
Products used:natto powder regular

Soba Noodles x Natto Powder

Ingredients(1 serving)

Natto powderTo taste
Soba noodles1 serving portion


  1. Boil the soba noodles and drain the water.
  2. Prepare soba soup, pour it into a bowl and add the soba noodles. You can use seaweed or other ingredients as topping.
  3. Sprinkle natto powder to taste, mix and enjoy.


Soba noodles have a delicate flavor that is enhanced by the umami of natto. Japanese soba noodles are made of buckwheat that is high in minerals and antioxidants that are good for blood sugar control and heart health. Enjoy the healthy and delicious combination of soba and natto powder!

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