Natto Powder Mild Awarded – Best Buy- by the prestigious women’s testing magazine LDK!

Natto Bacteria Series Kona Natto Mild was awarded Best Buy in the powdered natto category by the product testing women’s magazine LDK ( October issue, August 28, 2023). Special Edition – Intestinal health to prevent aging.

辛口評価のテスト雑誌LDK こな納豆 匂い・粘りひかえめタイプにてベストバイ受賞

Shinyusha Co., Ltd. published a press release about the products recommended by the LDK editorial department. Sonomono Natto Powder was introduced as a highly recommended product. Article in Japanese

LDK is a lifestyle information magazine for women, first published in March 2012 and released on the 28th of every month. LDK’s distinctive feature lies in its exhaustive testing of popular products from a consumer’s perspective, with evaluations conducted impartially and rigorously by both experts and the LDK editorial department, covering both positive and negative aspects. Due to its unbiased reviews, it has gained a reputation as a highly reliable magazine.

The “certification” mark granted by LDK is the outcome of thorough testing from the user’s perspective. This certification cannot be acquired with money; therefore, it holds immense value for our company.

◆ YouTube banana icecream recipe by Bon chan (Japanese)
Check this delectable recipe video featuring the culinary artistry of Tomoko Komatsu, a prominent cooking researcher and video creator, showcasing the versatile “Natto Powder.” The delectable fusion of flavors has left our team members enchanted, with some indulging in the delightful natto banana ice cream every morning. The simplicity of preparation combined with its exquisite taste makes it a must-try for everyone. Elevate your mornings with this easy yet delicious culinary delight!

Posting date: 2023.08.28

LDK Magazine website (Japanese only)

Shinyusha Press Release
Intestinal activity to prevent aging! Techniques and items that rejuvenate you from the inside out!! LDK October 2023 issue
(Japanese only)

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